Thursday, June 27, 2013

Re-Write Progress, Corruption/Benevolence Mechanic Update

  First off, Burger King's coffee is not too good black. I need a personal supply of Splenda.

  Secondly, today marks the beginning of the re-write of The Heavens and the Hells. I intend on doing as much as I can with it between reading Greg Bear's Primordium and paid work.

  I want to focus on changing the wording and describing away from combat. Yes, there's combat, yes, it's deadly, but a common critique from the Game Chef reviewers was that they found it combat-heavy. It wasn't my intention. I want a focus on roleplay first, thus the addition of Benevolence/Corruption. I intend on also expanding on things more with the re-write. With Game Chef, I had to conform to a word limit. Not so much anymore.

Now the coffee starts tasting better...

  The Benevolence/Corruption mechanic's getting an overhaul. It's going to require roleplay effects as well as stat bonuses. I think it's going to work well in playtesting.

Speaking of playtesting...

  Re-write first. Once that's done, then playtesting. I'll start hammering out the mechanics, then apply to changes when playtesting's done.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Current Project : Good/Evil mechanic

Hello again, readers!

  I'm in the process of writing the "good/evil" mechanic into the game. Right now, I've got the virtues titled as "Corruption" and "Benevolence." They might stick, but I'm not too sure about "Benevolence."

  The concept behind "Corruption/Benevolence" involves just how much involvement the Angels or Demons have on a player. Depending on a player's choices, the GM will invoke points(subject to change) to either good/evil, and the player will change, with bonuses and penalties, as they slide toward either side of the scale. Those players who side with Humanity, naturally, gain nothing. Then again, they lose nothing, either.

  Here's an example at work:
  Ned's character, Austin Greybrook, and his Seraphim partner, Malachi, have run afoul of a pharmaceutical corporation that's been Corrupted. Demons sit on the board, and the CEO is thoroughly corrupt. They've been testing drugs that leave Mortals susceptible to suggestion. Austin and Malachi have been ordered to put a stop to it. 
  Austin bursts in on a "board meeting" that is actually a Demonic ritual. A fight breaks out, but Malachi manages to hold off the security forces. The scene dramatically unfolds now as Austin fights for his soul.

GM: The CEO rises from his chair, his mouth still moving, sibilant sounds escaping it. He steps toward you, slowly, and speaks, his voice compelling. "Look," he says, his hands up in surrender, "you don't have to do this, you know. What we're doing is completely and totally legal. As a matter of fact, we could use a heavy hitter like you on our staff. What do you say - complete package, hundred-thousand a year salary, weekends off, vacation and insurance? Sound good?"

  Ned's got a choice here - either roll Willpower to avoid the very tempting suggestion, or to roleplay it. Should he roll his Willpower, the GM will roll the CEO's Persuasion, and the higher number will prevail. If Ned decides to act it out, the GM stands as judge over the player's acting. If the player plays his role "to a T," then the GM will award the Corruption or Benevolence as necessary, and add points as an incentive to roleplay.

  Thoughts, questions, comments? You know what to do!

Development Begins!

I'm rather new to blogging, so we'll have to see how this works.

To tell the tale:

  It all started with Game Chef 2013. The images there immediately put together a vision - one of supernatural forces battling over the very soul of humanity, with humans trapped between the forces of good and evil, and still trying to be human.

  Thus the concept of "The Heavens and the Hells" was born. First off, this is still a working title. Should I manage to sell this or crowdfund this or whatever I end up doing, I doubt that will stick as a title. Too many words. But in this game, you play the role of humanity, trapped between these colossal supernatural forces, represented in the form of Angels and Demons, both of which use their innate good or evil to influence man. All it requires is a few six-sided dice, pencil, paper, and players.

  The WIP version of the game can be found here. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope to have this playtested by July.